Embed Approach2Quote on your website and convert website visitors into paying clients

Approach2Quote is a complete system for providing accurate and transparent conveyancing quotes to your website visitors.

Engage visitors using a popup form and our cutting-edge chat bot. Capture the data you need, provide immediate responses and convert leads into paying clients.

A live quote calculator using your unique fee structure and terms of business

Quick and simple to set up

A simple pop-up window on your website captures the essential information required. It provides an instant conveyancing quote and gives the option to instruct with one click.

Customise any of the fees and terms of business to suit your firm.

Embrace artificial intelligence

The only tool of it’s kind to use AI

Clients increasingly expect live chat interactivity. Using AI, your prospective clients can receive an online quotation using our innovative chat bot.

We leverage the same cutting-edge technology which powers Amazon Alexa. This means visitors can use typed messages or their voice.

Stay ahead of the curve and utilise this new, modern approach to client communication. It is totally automated and does not require your staff’s time.

SRA price transparency rules

Helps you to become and remain compliant with the SRA price transparency rules

Estate agents and third-party access

Streamline your referrals by enabling access for trusted partners to create quotes

Customised terms and documents

All of the text, documents and small print will be customised to how you work

Uses your own colours and branding

We will customise to fit into your existing website with none of our branding

Fully managed installation

Our experts will install the system with no fuss or downtime

Safe and secure cloud hosting

Secure, 24/7 access on our reliable UK-based cloud hosting platform

Voice control or typed messages

Uses the same innovative tech as Amazon Alexa, users can chat with your bot with their keyboard or voice

Mobile app for phones and tablets

Confirm and monitor your instructions on the go with our mobile apps

Built by the legal software experts

We’ve been crafting technology for law firms for over 30 years. Our industry leading case management system, Osprey Approach, was the first cloud-based legal software in the UK. Thousands of lawyers trust our software every day, so you know you’ll be in good company.

Receive instant instructions, 24/7

Convert website visitors into paying clients using our time saving features to drive more sales from your website

Streamlined instruction process

Click to instruct

Once a quote has been generated, visitors have the option to instruct you with the click of a button.

Send the client a welcome email with your client care letter along with any other important documents. All customised, addressed to the client and ready for their signature.

DocuSign® integration

Signed, sealed, delivered

Built-in DocuSign integration means that clients can immediately send back signed copies of key documents without leaving their inbox.

Instant signatures result in higher conversions, faster turnaround and more paying clients for the firm.

Case management export

From enquiry to client with one click

Don’t waste your time by copying and pasting data across different systems. You will save time and money by exporting with one click.

Built-in integration with Osprey Approach seamlessly creates the client and transfers documents and emails to the new matter.

For other tools, we have an easy-to-use Excel export option and an open API (which let’s technical folk interact with our software). This means we can work with any case management system.

Mobile apps for you and your clients

Apps for your team empower them to instantly react to quotes. We can also build a bespoke mobile app for your firm to impress clients and extend your marketing presence.

Access and administer your quotes on-the-go

For phones and tablets, iOS and Android

You don’t need to be at your desk to convert a client. Our mobile app gives you the power to generate fees 24/7

Your lawyers can instantly react to incoming quotes, send out documents and turn opportunities into paying clients.

Impress clients with your own mobile app

Bespoke app development options

Talk to us about building you a bespoke mobile app. We handle everything for you, including the design, build and listing in the various App Stores.

Apps installed on clients devices extend the marketing impact of your website. Share your latest news and provide a way of receiving new instructions easily.

A bespoke app also allows you additional functionality like sending push notifications to your clients.

At-a-glance analysis and insight

The dashboard provides valuable insight into how your enquiries are performing using intuitive, interactive charts and graphs.

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